International Transport

DAMFIS- ŠPED d.o.o. Tuzla professionally and efficiently organizes international transport of all types of goods around the world, from any place and to any destination. We are proud to point out that we can transport your goods and perform all accompanying services even to destinations that are impossible for many transport companies, freight forwarders and importers.

What sets DAMFIS-SPED d.o.o. apart Tuzla from competing companies is a wide network of reliable partners, who guarantee that we can organize the international transport of goods in the shortest possible time. paid storage.

We offer our clients international transport of goods by all types of transport - road, rail, air and water.

Depending on customer needs, international transport of goods can be organized as:

Using only one mode of transport (road, rail, air and water transport).

We reduce the costs and time required for transport to our clients, because we avoid additional reloading and repackaging of goods.

Combined mode of transport (road, rail, air and water transport) is the best way of international transport of goods for longer distances, because it reduces costs and time.

Transport of goods in containers can be organized, in accordance with the needs of clients, either as a combined transport or as a direct transport. Within container transport, we especially single out the service of groupage transport of goods.

We offer our clients a collective international transport of goods, in order to provide them with the most favorable service.

Groupage transport of goods reduces costs and is the most convenient form of transport when it is necessary to transport small quantities of goods, because the client does not pay the rent for the entire container or transport vehicle.

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The company DAMFIS- ŠPED d.o.o. Tuzla provides special conditions for groupage transport according to the principle of reloading and return full loads, 7 days a week to all, ie, from all European cities.

After more than 60 years of business and constant investment in improving the quality and expanding the range of services, the company DAMFIS-ŠPED d.o.o. TUZLA can offer its clients transport of all types of goods, special cargo, bulk cargo, dangerous goods and transport by refrigerators.

In addition to the international transport of goods, we can perform all the following services for you:
Pick-up of goods at the agreed address and delivery to an agreed destination
Packaging of goods and preparation for transport
Loading / Unloading
obtaining the necessary permits and preparing documentation

DAMFIS-ŠPED d.o.o. In addition to the guarantee that Tuzla issues to clients upon signing the contract and which obliges them to perform the work in accordance with the agreement and to compensate the client in case of damage, it also offers the possibility of additional insurance of goods in international transport.

You can send your request for transport offer and possible questions to our email .