Freight forwarding is a specialized economic activity that deals with the physical trade of goods and activities related to them.


Freight forwarding as an activity can be described as expensive specific functions, jobs, operations, skills and rules that effectively enable the dispatch, delivery and transport of material goods to all means of transport, all means of transport, in conventional, combined and multimodal transport.

International forwarding refers to a set of specific functions, jobs, operations and rules that effectively enable the shipment of goods from their own country to foreign countries, the delivery of goods from foreign to their own country and the transport of goods between foreign countries through their own countries.

Shipping is usually divided according to:
  • Territorial scope of business

     (Domestic and international)

  • The basic feature of business

     (Port, continental and border)

  • Business volume

     (Large, medium and small)

    Jobs performed by the freight forwarder / international shipper

    as part of its activity is divided into two groups.

    The first group are basic freight forwarding jobs:

    • Concluding a contract for the transport of goods in the classic way - the use of a means of transport of one branch of transport

    • Concluding contracts on multimodal transport of goods and organizing door-to-door transport

    • Concluding contracts for embarkation, disembarkation and transhipment goods

    • Concluding transport insurance contracts

    • Concluding storage contracts and storage of goods

    Expert advice and participation in negotiations for the purpose of concluding an international purchase agreement.

    Issuance and acquisition of transport and other documents.

    Control of correctness of documents and calculation of freight, customs and other fees and costs.

    The second group are special jobs, which the freight forwarder performs occasionally, ie only on special occasions when he completes a package of his services with them:

    Concluding contracts on packaging and signing, and performing these tasks

    •    Concluding contracts on weighing and sorting, and performing these tasks

    • Issuance of letters of guarantee

    • Issuance of freight forwarding certificates and other FIATA documents

    • Representation of the principal in recourse proceedings against third parties

    • Representation of the principal in case of joint accidents

    Contractual quality and quantity control of goods in international traffic

    International maritime transport and agency affairs.

    Shipping, delivery and transport of groupage traffic.

    Other prescribed or customary work related to shipping, delivery and transit of goods.