Road Transport
Road Transport

Efficiency and top quality of service are exactly what the company is

DAMFIS-SPED d.o.o. Tuzla makes it a leader in the field of road transport of goods .

In accordance with customer needs, road transport of goods can be organized as a direct transport, or in order to reduce costs and save time for our customers, as a combined transport (in combination with rail, air or water transport) or as groupage transport. Company DAMFIS- ŠPED d.o.o. Tuzla, in addition to the service of road transport of goods, also offers professional unloading and loading of all types of goods, regardless of size.

The most modern equipment, specialized vehicles (trucks, trucks) and trained staff guarantee that we can meet all the requirements of our clients, no matter which the type of goods we are transporting, and whether it is the transport of goods in BiH or international transport.


The vehicles of our partners have CMR insurance and ADR certificates , so in addition to road transport by refrigerators, transport of special cargo of large size and bulk cargo, we also offer transport of dangerous goods .

In addition to the road transport service, we also perform all accompanying activities:

Collection of all types of permits and documentation
Loading / Unloading

Performing customs procedures

In addition to the standard equipment, each vehicle also has satellite tracking equipment, and we are able to provide you with information on where the vehicle is located at any time. In addition to the guarantee that the company DTS SPED d.o.o. Sarajevo provides additional insurance when signing the contract.

Also, DTS ŠPED d.o.o. Sarajevo also performs all types of relocations both on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and anywhere in the world. 


You can send your request for transport offer and possible questions to our email .